Cochineal price: 50$ Kilo

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We have 3 types of product presentations

Peru-Colors present products such as Cochineal Jar


Jar of 0,96 pounds

Peru-Colors present products such as Cochineal Bag


Bag of 2,20 pounds (1 kg)

Peru-Colors present products such as Cochineal Sack


Sack of 66 pounds


Characteristics First quality
Humidity 6 – 8 %
Ashes 0 %
Carminic Acid 19 – 25 %
Impurities 3 as maximum

Cochineal Uses

Currently, the main use of cochineal is in the form of carmine, which is a versatile product of great value for many industries.

Use of cochineal in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Carmine powder used in the preparation of dragees and tablets. In alkaline solution it is used in toothpastes, mouthwashes, etc

Use of cochineal in the Cosmetic Industry

It is used in pencils, face powders, pencils for the eyes, etc. The cosmetic industry is the most demanding, it only accepts high purity carmine that matches in hue with its quality and color patterns.

Use of cochineal in the Food Industry

The consumer of sausages is used to using products with a certain shade of red. Alcoholic beverages (Campari type), non-alcoholic beverages, jellies, jams, ice creams, yogurt, cherries, are also colored. powdered soups, etc. In general, any product that should have a strawberry red hue.

Use of cochineal in the Textile Industry

Cochineal is traditionally used in Peru since pre-Inca civilizations in an aqueous state, using alum as a mordant, to dye alpaca and cotton hair.

Quality Control Laboratory

Before making the shipment, a sample of the product is made in the laboratory, this document is delivered together with the product and presents the following data:

Carminic Acid

19% - 22%


6% - 8%

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